This is a rough estimate of when you can expect some of EXR’s major new features! Please note that this timeline can change, features are not limited to the ones below!

  • Complete Training mode

    Design your ideal workouts with the custom training editors. Get detailed reports and sync them with Strava and C2 logbook! 

    Q3 2020
  • Website update

    The EXR website will get an update! Including the option to follow other rowers.

    All your rowing data will be synced with all platforms that run EXR!

    Q4 2020
  • New Map

    Explore EXR's first unique map! 

    Q4 2020
  • Competition Mode

    Get your race on and compete against other players from all over the world!

    Q4 2020
  • EXR Avatars

    Character Customization

    Unlock new items as you level up and make a unique avatar that is your own! (More items will be added over the course of development)

    Q1 2021


  • Goals & Achievements

    Let EXR motivate you even more with custom goals and unique achievements to unlock!

    Q1 2021
  • EXR Release!

    The beta will close and EXR will be available for everyone!

    Q1 2021
  • MMO

    EXR goes massive with online multiplayer! Join players from anywhere in their rowing session! Row with or against each other.

  • Events

    Participate in global events and get rewarded!


  • New Competitions

    Participate in new competitions, based on your favorite real world races!


  • New Maps, games and More!

    EXR will be updated constantly with new features for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for more.



Other features will be released over time as well.