Elevate your indoor rowing experience

Make the most of every workout by training in virtual worlds, keeping track of your performance, and sharing your success

Available for iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows

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Discover virtual waters

Spot your favorite sights as you row in virtual worlds that are based on real locations

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Stay motivated

Stay motivated by gaining XP, beating challenges and unlocking achievements

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Analyze your performance

Review detailed reports and sync them with your favorite fitness apps like Strava and TrainingPeaks

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Make EXR yours

Create your own avatar, set your personal goals and customize your workouts

What EXR rowers say

Ward Lemmelijn

Ward Lemmelijn

World champion indoor rowing

EXR is a game changer for me. I look forward to the coming years and hope to evolve my rowing career alongside EXR. I think this is an amazing app that will certainly change the future of this sport!

Aleš Sušnik

Aleš Sušnik

Community member

EXR transformed my tedious rowing sessions into enjoyable workouts! I am thrilled with how well EXR complements my other workouts and look forward to future updates!

Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips

Community member

I use rowing as cross training for cycling. I used EXR in the build up to the Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships, new 2K PB! It was my first race ever! I like the FTP test and training builder - drag and drop is excellent!

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