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Negative factors rowing

4 Factors That Can Negatively Affect Your Indoor Rowing Performance

Find out what bad habits may hold you back from greatness.

Racing is out

September Update 1.24: Competition Mode out now

Train your VO2 max

Coach Corner: Crack the code of VO2max (part 2)

Time to race

August Update 1.23: Ready to race

Train your VO2 max

Coach corner: Crack the code of VO2max (part 1)

Join the leaderboards

July Update 1.22: Enjoy an ego boost

EXR British Rowing partnership

Chris Farrell discusses British Rowing's new partnership with EXR

Welcome to Henley

June Update 1.21: Welcome to Henley

New map is coming

Preview: upgraded leaderboards, upcoming competition mode & new map

More is coming soon

May Update 1.20: Almost Ready to Race

New EXR pricing

Interview with CEO Alfred: new billing plans and prices

Explore new routes

April Update 1.19 : Explore Boston’s expansion

Rowing vs cycling

Stationary bike vs. indoor rowing machine: which is best for your workout?

Improve your training experience

March update 1.18: Meet new mates

Listen to these rock anthems whilst rowing

4 bpm-based classic rock anthems for your 20-minute indoor rowing workout

EXR has a new onboarding flow

February update 1.17: row indoors with fantastic views

Rowing as recovery

Low-impact sports that can improve your rowing skills during recovery

New year, new resolutions

January update: 1.16 EXR patch notes

Check out the new Boston visuals

December update: 1.15 EXR patch notes

Check out the new EXR options menu

November update: 1.14 EXR patch notes

EXR at HOCR 2022

EXR at the 2022 Head Of The Charles

Enjoy our new free trial

Introducing a new free trial flow

Get cheered on during your training sessions

October update: 1.13 EXR patch notes

EXR's biggest update yet is here

September update: 1.12 EXR patch notes

PR ghost boats are here

August update: 1.11 EXR patch notes

Ward Lemmelijn becomes world champion

5+1 tips to improve your indoor rowing technique & enjoy a power boost

MMO beta is here

July update: 1.10 EXR patch notes

new HUD preview

Discover EXR’s development roadmap for 2022 and beyond

EXR Upgrades it's assets

June update: 1.9 EXR patch notes

Alfred Campenaerts explains EXR split

Q&A on EXR Split & its significance to indoor rowing

EXR introduces badges

May update: 1.8 EXR patch notes

Isaac kenyon breaks indoor rowing world record

How the right mindset let Isaac break the indoor rowing world record

EXR on Apple TV

April update: 1.7 EXR patch notes

Woman reading on smartphone

Warm welcome to the new EXR Blog: Introducing EXR Split

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