Top 5 best rowing apps in 2024 for all rowers to boost your workouts

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Have fun with the best rowing apps

This indoor rowing app guide helps you find the perfect rowing app that suits your training routine and workout style. All of the 5 apps listed are available in 2024 and compatible with various Bluetooth rowing machine brands. For example, you can connect your WaterRower to all of them. For this reason, apps like the popular ErgData app, which is only compatible with Concept2 rowing machines, are excluded from this list.

How apps can help you row more and get fit fast

Do you actively avoid thinking about your rowing machine because it’s catching dust? You may dread long indoor rowing workouts because they’re exhausting and just as exciting as watching paint dry. However, you know that staying fit is crucial. Is the guilt of neglecting your fitness haunting you? Then it’s about time you check out this guide to the best 5 rowing apps of the year. It's packed with recommendations that'll not only get you back on the rowing machine but might even make you fall in love with indoor rowing!

1. EXR

Your home gym may be cozier than the gym at a sports club, but may lack its friendly folks. Exercising with great people not only boosts your motivation but adds social accountability, making you stick to your routine and push your boundaries.

To combine the best of both worlds, the virtual rowing app EXR lets you row online, train with old friends and make new ones in 3D worlds. To row in virtual locations like Boston’s Charles River, all you need is a rowing machine and a screen for the app — no VR headset needed!

The EXR rowing app

Row online with friends on EXR — all you need is a Bluetooth rower.


Top benefits of EXR:

  • Iconic locations: EXR fulfills your dream about rowing in places like Henley and Lake Bled — even if it’s just virtually! 
  • Live statistics: The app gives you real-time performance feedback, making it easy to follow guided workouts and improve your performance.
  • Social rowing: Every rowing session, you can choose to row solo or mingle with rowers online. Join races and group rowing events to train with the community.
  • Feels like a game: Nothing beats the fun of treating your avatar to fancy new items or even a new boat after beating a challenge, earning X-Coins and leveling up.

Shortcomings of EXR:

  • Only online: Since you’re sharing the virtual waters with rowers from all over the world, you always need to be connected to the internet.
  • Basic skills needed: The app doesn’t teach beginners how to row. In Training Mode, however, a stroke rate indicator and metronome help you find the right rhythm to keep up with the guided workouts.

Is EXR the best app for your rowing workouts?

EXR is the best rowing app for you if you want to be part of a global community. Additionally, geeks will find creating their own avatars and beating rowing challenges quite fun. EXR is your go-to rowing app if you’re looking for entertaining workouts and sharable data.

Don’t miss out on the next group rowing events by starting EXR for free now!

2. Asensei

Navigating through countless online indoor rowing guides to find a routine that suits your lifestyle proves a time- and energy-consuming quest. Luckily, there’s an app that solves all of your problems!

Asensei is a no-nonsense coaching app. Olympic legend Eric Murray and his fellow coaches help you every step of the way and make you go from rowing zero to hero. The app analyzes your performance and tailors its plans to your data.

The Assensei rowing app

Perfect your indoor rowing technique with Asensei.


Top benefits of Asensei:

  • Pro-coaching: Training instructions and explanations are given in detail which makes you learn a lot about all things indoor rowing.
  • Integrated warm-ups: No need for planning extra warm-up exercises since they’re seamlessly integrated into workout sessions.
  • Available offline: After downloading, the workouts on the Up Next page are available without an internet connection.


Shortcomings of Asensei:

  • Monotonous: The app offers little variation when it comes to motivational elements such as visuals or music. This may make it hard for you to keep on paying attention.
  • iOS only: Asensei is currently only available for iPhones and iPads.


Is Asensei the best app for your rowing workouts?

Asensei is the perfect match for everyone who is new to indoor rowing or just wants to learn from the best. The app automatically adjusts to your performance, making it easy for goal-oriented athletes to live up to their ambitions.

Start your Asensei free trial today!

3. Kinomap

Do you love the outdoors and feel confined when training indoors? Are you craving breathtaking views and serene environments?

If your answer is yes, then you should download Kinomap! Kinomap is a geolocated workout app that lets you explore real-life destinations while working out on your rowing machine, treadmill, or bike.

Kinomap's workout videos take you to the world's most beautiful locations.

Kinomap's workout videos take you to the world's most beautiful locations.


Top benefits of Kinomap:

  • Countless locations: Kinomap takes you to famous destinations and hidden gems all over the globe. About 30 new videos are added every day.
  • Share your content: Kinomap invites you to share your own workouts and videos with the community.
  • Watch and learn: Integrated tutorial videos help you understand the basics of indoor rowing.


Shortcomings of Kinomap:

  • Self-discipline needed: During the workouts, there’s no extra encouragement or interaction that motivates you to push your boundaries.
  • Solo workouts: Kinomaps lacks a race mode and due to the nature of the videos, you mainly train alone.


Is Kinomap the best app for your rowing workouts?

You will love Kinomap if you’re a globetrotter who finds it fascinating to explore new places. If you’re a creator or looking for a workout app that makes it easy to get into the zone, Kinomap will be your favorite application.

Create your Kinomap account now!

4. Holofit

In your view, working out should be all about the fun. You want a training app to not only take you away from your home gym but open up a whole new dimension to you. Anything that takes the boredom away is welcome.

Does the description above apply to you? Then you need to put on your VR headset and boot up your erg because Holofit is here to entertain! The app immerses you into its highly gamified worlds to train with your rowing machine, bike, or elliptical.

The Holofit app in rowing mode

Turn your home gym into a VR workout paradise with Holofit.


Top benefits of Holofit:

  • Virtual Reality: Thanks to the VR glasses, you escape the confining walls of your home gym and dive into worlds with bright visuals and captivating sounds.
  • Interactive: In Holofit, you don’t just follow a certain route, but you get to collect points on your way. This keeps your workouts engaging and interesting.


Shortcomings of Holofit:

  • Headset headache: Depending on your training, climate, and experience with Virtual Reality, wearing a VR headset may cause sweat to build up or even motion sickness.
  • Rowing forwards: You row in the wrong direction on some courses, which may feel unsettling for experienced on-the-water rowers.


Is Holofit the best app for your rowing workouts?

With Holofit, you’ll enjoy yourself the most if you’re in it to win it. It’s the perfect app for fun-loving escapists who want to get distracted from the repetitiveness of cardio workouts.

Get your VR glasses ready and sign up for Holofit today!

5. Apple Fitness +

Jane Fonda did it back in the day. Now you’re looking for something similar: a motivational fitness instructor that is passionate, has cool music, and makes you switch into a higher gear.

Apple Fitness + is just that! The app offers over 4000 videos on fitness and wellness including sessions spanning from 5 to 45 minutes.

Apple fitness app

The motivating coaches of Apple Fitness + make you complete even the hardest workouts.


Top benefits of Apple Fitness +:

  • Complimentary: Rowing is one of 12 different workout types available in the app, allowing you to add diverse exercises to your fitness routine.
  • Singalong: Coaches create their own Apple Music playlists matching their workouts.
  • Apple Watch integration: Your progress measured by your Apple Watch is shown on-screen which makes it easy to track your performance.
  • Workout playlists: Select workouts to create a seamless training playlist. For example, you can start with a yoga session, add a rowing workout and end your training with a meditation.


Shortcomings of Apple Fitness +:

  • Apple only: The app is only available for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.
  • No live classes: Everything is available on-demand which may make you feel a bit lonely and isolated eventually.
  • No difficulty indication: Watching the short preview video and checking the training’s length is the only way to figure out whether a workout is demanding or rather easy.


Is Apple Fitness + the best app for your rowing workouts?

Get Apple Fitness + if rowing is part of a broader range of workouts you follow in your fitness routine. The app suits you best if you’re looking for a catalyst to make you get up and move with motivational tunes and short workouts.

Download Apple Fitness + to start your workouts!


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