Don't Miss Your Chance to Beat the Easter Challenge for Exclusive Rewards

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Bunny in a carrot single scull

Easter events are a tradition at many rowing clubs around the world. The Sudbury Rowing Club’s Easter Race in Suffolk (UK), the Wentworth Rowing Club’s Easter Regatta in Wentworth (AUS), and of course the Gemini Boat Racein London (UK) are just a few examples of annual rowing events held during the Easter holidays.

To celebrate the Easter month together online and in style, you now get the chance to earn special Easter gear by training on your indoor rowing machine!

Only this month, you have the opportunity to beat the Easter Challenge. All you need to do is row 6 sessions with EXR in April (each min. 500m in any mode). Your reward? The unique Easter badge and 6-piece item set!

The unique Easter badge shows Easter eggs and is labeled with the year 2024

The Easter Challenge including its badge and items is only available in April.

The Easter item set unlocks instantly when finishing the last of the 6 rowing sessions. Once unlocked, you can acquire them by using X-Coins without any level requirement. Here’s a list of all items:

  • Easter bunny shoes (500 X-Coins)
  • Easter bunny ears (3500 X-Coins)
  • Easter bunny gloves (1000 X-Coins)
  • Easter bunny unisuit (2500 X-Coins)
  • Carrot Boat (5000 X-Coins)
  • Basket Boat (3500 X-Coins)
Once you beat the Easter challenge and earn your badge, the Easter set will remain unlocked and ready for purchase anytime in the customization menu. If you don’t manage to earn the badge this year, you’ll have to wait until next year to try again.

Besides earning the Easter badge and item set, there’s even more to unlock by training on your rowing machine! For example, you can instantly access deluxe gear such as the British Rowing Unisuit and the RowAlong items by joining their online group rowing events in EXR. More exclusive challenges and rewards will be added.

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