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a glimpse into upcoming features from the EXR rowing app

In the past year, EXR has developed from a solo virtual rowing experience to an indoor rowing app that connects the rowing community worldwide. Its multiplayer functionality and group rowing events introduced a revolutionary social aspect to EXR. Now you may ask yourself: what’s next? Read this roadmap to find out what EXR has in store for 2024 and beyond.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Before I dive into our development roadmap, I’d like to give every one of you a big shout-out for making the EXR Communities on Discord and Facebook fun and inspirational spaces that are dedicated to the love of sport.

Community group row session in the EXR app

I would like to add that your support and feedback inspire the EXR team to create a better indoor rowing app with every update. Thanks for being the driving force behind the awesome features and improvements listed below!

December update: organize private rowing races

I promise that the December update will give you an adrenaline rush. It’s scheduled for 11 December 2023 and will introduce private competitions. You’ll be able to create a custom race, invite your friends using a lobby code and let them choose between joining the race or watching as a spectator.

Features and improvements scheduled for early 2024

First of all, we plan on releasing a selection screen rework for both workouts and route selection. This will include quick select options and the possibility to mark workouts as favorites. This means you’ll be able to start your guided rowing workouts in just a click.

Second, Coach Hendrik helps us create another big feature in the pipeline: week-by-week training plans. These rowing workout plans will help you achieve your long-term goals with targeted training. For example, you’ll be able to follow plans aiming to help you lose weight, improve your 2k time, or train for a marathon row.

Insight into the new selection screen of the EXR rowing app

Third, Besides adding new features, we plan on releasing a couple of improvements that’ll make your rowing training even better. This includes a revamped leaderboard selection screen and a map added to your Strava uploads. Additionally, we’ll be working on improving the rowing animation of your avatar to display a better rowing technique.

Forth, since indoor rowing is practiced all over the world, we plan on adding more language options to the app and website. To start with, this will include languages such as German and French.

What features and improvements to expect later in 2024

For the rest of 2024, you can expect lots of reworks to implement our new User Interface style. Our focus will lie on reworking the home menu and the customization screen. The updated customization screen will come with lots of new items to unlock for your avatar. Improvements to the overlay menu will give more options to interact with the app and other rowers.

Another feature we’d like to offer is custom workouts that you can share with the community. Also, we want to make it easier to join your friends on the virtual waters. We plan on adding new event types besides standard group rows as well.

Regarding the 3D worlds, we plan to add various visual improvements including a reworked version of the weather system. To expand our list of virtual locations, we may come up with a new map or extra routes, but we can’t give anything away yet.

Henley with snow. You will be able to row in new wheather conditions with the EXR app

A glimpse into our vision for the future

Looking into the future, we’re excited to grow the EXR community with you. 2023 was a great year for expanding our reach since we attended great sports events such as the Olympic Esports Week 2023 in Singapore and the Head of the Charles Regatta where we were able to connect with lots of athletes, companies and organizations. We're proud that EXR is now an official partner of British Rowing, Rowbots and Fluidesign. There are plenty of promising things on the horizon and we're looking forward to future endeavors. Update by update, we aim to make EXR the best indoor rowing app together with you!


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