4 bpm-based classic rock anthems for your 20-minute indoor rowing workout

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Listen to these rock anthems whilst rowing

Music makes everything better. Train with these 4 bpm- (beats per minute) based classic rock playlists to improve your performance — it’s scientifically proven! Each playlist covers a 20-minute workout and includes anthems that will energize you to give it your all.

The science behind music and sports

Listening to music while working out may wake you up and boost your mood, but how exactly does listening to motivational tracks help you pull through tough training sessions?

The British scientist Dr. Karageorghis conducted years of research on the effects of music on athletic performances. He states that music is an all-around helper: it relieves you of anxiety and pain while it improves your morale. Consequently, music helps individual athletes find the state of flow in which they perform best, but also groups as it creates a feeling of unity and belonging.

One study found that listening to music during your training makes you complete your workout faster, no matter if the rhythm is slow or fast. With regards to indoor rowing, however, erging with fast music increases your strokes per minute. In general, music leads to higher endurance and performance levels.

All in all, studies show that music can have a positive effect on your performance because it provides a distraction from fatigue and discomfort and simultaneously boosts your motivation and mood.

EXR’S 4 bpm-based classic rock playlists

Rock your workouts. The steady speed of these classic rock songs helps you stick to your pace and enjoy your training even more. All playlists start with a relatively low number of bpm to put you in motion and end with comparatively fast tracks to push you to peak performances.

Save the YouTube playlists with your YouTube account or add them to your favorite music program. We recommend playing the music from a different device than the one that runs EXR to make sure that enough RAM is available.

100 bpm classic rock playlist

Keep up your cadence with Survivor, Toto, Lynyrd Skynard, Buffalo Springfield, AC/DC and Steppenwolf.

Hold the line — TOTO 97 BPM
Burning heart — Survivor 98 BPM
Sweet home Alabama — Lynyrd Skynard 98 BPM
For what it’s worth — Buffalo Springfield99 BPM
Jupiter’s child — Steppenwolf99 BPM
Evil walks — AC/DC100 BPM


110 bpm classic rock playlist

Boost your mood and performance with the anthems of Queen, Boston, Led Zeppelin, R.E.M, Suvivor and Eagles.

More than a feeling — Boston 109 BPM
Eye of the tiger — Survivor 109 BPM
Stand — R.E.M. 109 BPM
Another one bites the dust — Queen110 BPM
Life in the fast lane — Eagles110 BPM
Immigrant song — Led Zeppelin113 BPM


120 bpm classic rock playlist

Exercise harder thanks to Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Scorpions, Metallica, ZZ Top, Kiss and Foreigner.

Urgent — Foreigner 115 BPM
No one like you — Scorpions 118 BPM
I hate myself for loving you — Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 118 BPM
Gimme all your lovin’ — ZZ Top120 BPM
Heaven’s on Fire — Kiss124 BPM
Enter Sandman — Metallica124 BPM


130 bpm classic rock playlist

Make your training rock with hits from AC/DC, Kiss, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi and Judas Priest.

Highway to hell — AC/DC 128 BPM
I was made for loving you — Kiss 128 BPM
Top of the world — Van Halen 128 BPM
Over the mountain — Ozzy Osbourne131 BPM
In and out of love — Bon Jovi132 BPM
Living after midnight — Judas Priest135 BPM


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