March Update 1.30: Always ready to row

Ami Kucharek

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New starting arches in EXR

EXR’s March update introduces lap arches and Dutch as a new language option. To always be on time for events, device notifications now remind you of upcoming sessions 30 minutes in advance.

This update will be released gradually over a one-week period. As usual, the app will update automatically.


Lap arches

When starting your workout, you will now row through a lap arch. It marks the beginning of your route. Rowers are now more spread-out when appearing at the start of a route in front of the arch.

Dutch language option

Dutch has been added as a new language option for the app. Switch languages easily on the login/sign-up screen or in the gameplay settings.

We're planning to translate a few web pages and add more languages to the app over the course of the year.


  • Device notifications reminding you of an event you signed up for have been added.
    • The notification will pop up 30 minutes before the official start of the event. Clicking on the notification will open EXR. To receive a notification, you need to sign up for an event and then open the EXR app. In case you share your device with other EXR rowers, log into the account that you signed up for the event with.
  • Rowing animations have been improved. Further improvements will follow.
  • Enhanced the crowd sound options by adding a volume control slider.
  • Added various UX tweaks.


  • Profile images in the app update again.
  • Added various, smaller bug fixes.


Push your limits with the March challenges

No more excuses to put off indoor rowing: spend more time erging this month to unlock the March badges. The half marathon challenge makes you test your endurance by rowing 21.1 kilometers in one session.

Beat the 3 March challenges in EXR.

Beat the monthly challenges to unlock unique badges. Row a total of 6 hours to unlock 200 X-Coins and complete the easy Time Challenge. Make it 14 hours to earn 400 X-Coins and beat the hard Time Challenge. For all endurance heroes, the Half Marathon Challenge rewards you with 300 X-Coins if you cover 21.1 kilometers in one session.


How do you like the March update? Send us your feedback by us using our contact form.


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