May Update 1.32: Celebrating successes

Ami Kucharek

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EXR achievement screen on a tablet

As promised, the app is now available in more languages! EXR’s May update adds Spanish and French. Staying on track of beating challenges, unlocking achievements, and crushing goals is easy with the new notifications. And Strava users are in for a treat: routes will now be added to your uploads.


The update will be released gradually over one week for all systems. As usual, the app will update automatically.


French and Spanish language options

The EXR app now offers French and Spanish as new language options. Switch between languages on the login/sign-up screen or by adjusting the gameplay settings.

New in-game notifications

Notifications have received a face lift and more information. They will pop-up and give information on any challenge, achievement or goal you achieve in the menu or during your rowing sessions.

Strava routes

To sync EXR workouts with your Strava account, add Strava to your connected third-party apps. Your saved workouts will now automatically include route data of your completed workouts. In the app, you also have the option to turn on the automatic screenshot setting in the gameplay options.

Route data is now added to EXR Strava uploads


  • Improved performance regarding faster saving and syncing of workout data.
  • Your oar and boat are now visible next to your avatar in the Rower Hub.
  • Improved avoidance of virtual boats.
  • Increased resolution on AppleTV 4K 3rd gen.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from turning off the visibility of other online rowers.
  • Fixed bug where namecards would not display.
  • Fixed newer WaterRower models not being supported.


Train more with the May challenges

May is the perfect moment to follow a Training Plan! This month’s challenges invite you to spend more days in Training Mode, daring you to amp up your rowing game!

Every month 3 challenges help you spend more time on the erg by rewarding you with badges and X-Coins.

Beat the monthly challenges to unlock unique badges. Row on at least 9 days to unlock 300 X-Coins and complete the easy Determination Challenge. Make it 18 days to earn 500 X-Coins and beat the hard Determination Challenge. For everyone living up to crushing a fitness goal, the Training Challenge rewards you with 400 X-Coins if you row on at least 8 days in Training Mode.


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