June Update 1.33: Upgrade your Training

Ami Kucharek

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Summer training plan for indoor rowing

Your EXR workouts have become more goal-oriented with the June update! Extra Training Plans help you lose weight or stay in shape during summer break to come back at full force in winter.


The update will be released gradually over one week for all systems. As usual, the app will update automatically.


2 extra Training Plans

New Training Plans have been added to help you reach your specific fitness goals on the rowing machine:

  • Fat Furnace: row to burn extra calories and lose weight.
  • Summer Steady, Winter Ready: maintain your fitness over a summer break and get ready to reach peak performance levels in winter.

Training Plans shown on a tablet running the indoor rowing app EXR.

Coach Hendrik created 2 new Training Plans for summer maintenance and weight loss to help you get and stay in shape.


  • Improved default workout titles to include the map name.
  • Improved app performance and stability.
  • Improved stroke sync with your avatar.
  • Improved various UX/UI aspects such as colors and positioning.


  • Fixed Strava implementation to show the same number of meters covered.
  • Fixed a bug causing boats to vibrate and suddenly change direction when close-by.
  • Fixed record replays that didn’t show or animate.
  • Fixed a visual bug in Competition Mode that caused your shell to stop before the finish line.
  • Added missing bridge in Boston that made busses and cars appear to fly.
  • Removed the malfunctioning Concept2 Verified Workout of 4 minutes.
  • Fixed various smaller bugs.


Maximize Your Training with the June Challenges

The June Challenges give you the extra push you need to follow a Training Plan! Keep up the good work(outs) and earn badges together with X-Coins as a reward.

Every month 3 challenges help you spend more time on the erg by rewarding you with badges and X-Coins.

Beat the monthly challenges to unlock unique badges. Row on at least 6 days in Training Mode to unlock 200 X-Coins and complete the easy Training Challenge. Make it 12 days to earn 300 X-Coins and beat the hard Training Challenge. For all endurance champs, the Single Session Challenge rewards you with 250 X-Coins if you row for 2 hours in a single session.


How do you feel about the June update? Send us your feedback by using our contact form.


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