June update: 1.9 EXR patch notes

Ami Kucharek

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EXR Upgrades it's assets

Boston just got more beautiful! As announced in the April patch notes, we’ve reworking the buildings in Boston in a process that will still take a few months. The latest results of this rework are now visible at the shores of the Charles. Besides these visual improvements, new pre-made workouts and lots of fixes have been added.

June challenges

June challenges: Row a total of 10 hours (all modes combined) to earn 400 X-Coins and row 15km in a single session to get 300 X-Coins.

In brief…

Hendrik Plevoets, the coach of the reigning indoor rowing champion, has created new exclusive workouts for EXR. Inspired by user feedback, he has also added a new pre-made workout category called Lunch Break that includes 11 to 18-minute sessions. EXR’s crash prevention has been improved and bugs that occurred when rowing with SmartRow have been fixed.


Customization item

  • Treat your avatar to some new sunglasses, gloves or shoes

Lunch Break Workouts

  • Added 6 easy to demanding workouts for the busy rower

Additional pre-made workouts

  • Added more workouts to Anaerobic Workouts
  • Added more workouts to Time to Burn
  • Added more workouts to FTP Preparation

Badge collection

  • Open the app, select your profile and take a look at all the badges you earned
  • You can also check out your badge collection via your EXR web profile


  • Get to know the team behind EXR by reading the credits in the options


Visual makeover

  • The process of improving objects continues as Boston’s buildings have gotten a paint job

Better performance

  • An improved performance increases the app’s stability and makes it run more smoothly
  • Improved processing makes crashes less likely to occur on macOS

Bridge to Bridge segment

  • Tweaked the start and finish arches so they aren’t clipped to the first bridge

Pre-made workout descriptions

  • The descriptions have been corrected and are now easier to understand



  • Fixed a bug that caused the ducks to be gigantic

Sending feedback

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from sending in-game feedback with logs attached

Buoy Blast catapult

  • Fixed the color of the accidentally pink Buoy Blast catapult on Windows


  • Update your SmartRow app today and get EXR’s June update to remove all bugs like wrong statistics and connectivity issues
  • SmartRow now registers as a supported device on all operating systems

Let’s celebrate your successes together

Did you just beat a monthly challenge? Send us your victory selfie as a DM on our social media or email it to feedback@exrgame.com and we’ll share it in a hall of fame post at the end of June!

Want to share your opinion on the June update? Send us your comment via our contact form.

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