January Update 1.28: Revamped indoor rowing

Ami Kucharek

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The new training selection screen in EXR

In 2024, we're gearing up for major projects, exciting events, and great updates! Our first update of the year features a significant interface overhaul. Download the January update for an enhanced minimap, the ability to mark workouts as favorites, and more.


Selection screens

The sleek, new selection screens provide a more intuitive and visually engaging experience. New screens can be found in the route selection, training selection, and leaderboard selection. We’re working on more features regarding the selection screens such as a featured route of the day.

Learn how to read the redesigned training overview on our support page.

Overview of the new route selection screen in the EXR rowing app.

All routes and their lengths at a glance.

Extra Training Mode functions

The Training Mode didn’t just get a visual overhaul, but also new functions like a quick select overview. With the new filters, you can find the perfect workout in just a click. Select Training Mode > Workouts to apply a workout type filter, intensity filter, and duration filter. Moreover, you can now mark your favorite workouts with a star. All of your favorites are listed in the new My Workouts tab.

More features for the Training Mode like week-by-week training plans and new pre-made workouts are in the making.


  • When clicking on a workout’s “more info” button, a checkmark highlights the workouts you have completed in the past.
  • EXR now has an improved user management screen on Apple TV that lets you switch between users without having to enter your credentials every time you log in.
  • The minimap has been redesigned for easier navigation and gotten a functional rework: click on it to adjust the zoom level. Enable/disable the minimap for each mode using the interface options.

The new EXR minimap design.

Your route is highlighted in blue. Segments are yellow.


  • In Training Mode, Concept2 Verified Workouts are only shown when having a Concept2 connected to EXR. Find this workout category via the “Quick Select” tile.
  • Fixed bug causing a low frame rate on Android.
  • Optimized EXR to avoid crashes on mobile devices with 3 GB of RAM.
  • On Apple TV, fixed the FTP input field in the options menu.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the event lobby waiting music from playing.


Live up to your 2024 fitness ambitions with the January challenges

Embrace the new year with fresh challenges! Kickstart January by staying committed to your New Year's resolutions. Power up your rower, launch EXR, and set the tone for a successful start to achieving your goals.

Beat the 3 December challenges in EXR.

Beat the monthly challenges to unlock unique badges. Row at least 75 km (all modes) to unlock 300 X-Coins and complete the easy Distance Challenge. Make it 150 km (all modes) to earn 500 X-Coins and beat the hard Distance Challenge. For those with true grit and staying power, the Single Session challenge calls for a 2-hour session to claim 400 X-Coins.


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