February Update 1.29: EXR auf Deutsch

Ami Kucharek

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Training plans are now in EXR

The app is now featuring its first extra language: German! With the weekly Training Plans, the new update also adds an extra layer of expert guidance, structured progression and personalized training to your rowing workouts. Moreover, it includes 2 featured routes of the day, 10 new workouts and lots of improvements and fixes.


Week-by-week Training Plans

Coach Hendrik created 4 Training Plans spanning several weeks that help you reach your rowing goals faster. Each plan features a weekly bundle of workouts. When you eventually choose to complete it is up to you — you decide on the exact timing.

The 4 new plans include the following:

  • 2k Breakthrough: Set a great 2k record.
  • Marathon Mastery: Prepare for your next marathon on the indoor rowing machine.
  • Rocket Sprinter: Beat your 500m personal record.
  • Rowing 101: A beginner’s guide to indoor rowing.

Always select your Training Plan and click on “start next workout” for EXR to tick off your workout from the list after you’re done and automatically proceed to the next one. We plan on adding more Training Plans over time. Find more information on the Training Plans on our support page.

Training plans in EXR

10 new workouts in the Training Collection

Besides the new Training Plans mentioned above, Coach Hendrik came up with 10 new workouts to mix up your training routine. The 10 new workouts include:

  • Endurance Rally 1
  • Endurance Rally 2
  • Endurance Rally 3
  • Endurance Dash
  • Quick Recovery
  • Blast Pyramid
  • Regeneration Training 4
  • Take it easy 4
  • Power Pyramid 2
  • Death Row 2

German language option

As promised in our development roadmap for 2024, we started adding more languages with the first one being German. This means that you can now use the app in German. Switch between languages in the login/sign-up screen and the gameplay settings.

We plan to translate various web pages as well and add more languages to EXR throughout the year.

Featured routes of the day

Similar to the highlighted map of the day, the 2 featured routes of the day suggest courses to use for your training. By rowing on these routes, the chance of encountering other rowers is higher than on non-featured routes on the same map. The routes of the day are always on the map of the day.


  • Added an enhanced saving system that stores your last 5 sessions on your device for potential EXR server upload retries. You can find them in your app’s past sessions.
  • Harmonized minor UI/UX elements across screens for a cohesive experience.
  • Reworked FTP introduction flow when selecting training mode for the first time.
  • Improved onboarding flow for the speed calculation selection screen.
  • Updated the styling of the challenges notifications.
  • Added option to mute crow sounds in audio settings.


  • Made the minimap display correctly again and slightly improved its design.
  • Fixed banners popping up more than once.
  • Added various, smaller bug fixes.


Stay on target with the February challenges

Doesn't February just zoom past? The February challenges help you stay in shape, focus on your 2024 fitness goals, and remain active during the shortest month of the year.

Beat the 3 February challenges in EXR.

Beat the monthly challenges to unlock unique badges. Row on at least 8 days to unlock 200 X-Coins and complete the easy Determination Challenge. Make it 16 days to earn 400 X-Coins and beat the hard Determination Challenge. For all adrenaline junkies, the Competition Challenge rewards you with 300 X-Coins if you finish 10 competitions.


What’s your opinion on the February update? Share your thoughts with us using our contact form.


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