April Update 1.31: Upgraded indoor rowing

Ami Kucharek

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New menu's in the EXR rowing app

EXR’s April update is the biggest one of 2024 (yet)! Its renewed menu screens make the app easier to use. Additionally, the 14 extra achievements will make you switch to a higher gear. Don’t miss your chance to beat the Easter Challenge — it’s limited time only! As a reward, the Easter badge and the fun Easter item set are waiting for you!


This update will be released gradually over one week for all systems including floppy disks. As usual, the app will update automatically.


Renewed menus

To make EXR more intuitive, we renewed several menu screens. This upgrade includes a preview of your achievements and challenges in the home screen.

The following menus have been renewed:

  • The home screen
  • The follower screen
  • The past sessions screen
  • The event screen

Easter challenge & unlockable Easter item set

Lots of EXR rowers have been admiring the log boat that was only available to early EXR ambassadors during its beta phase. Now you get the chance to unlock limited-time items by beating the Easter Challenge this April! It requires that you row 6 sessions with EXR (mind. 500m each, all modes) to unlock the Easter badge and the playful Easter item set. After unlocking the item set, you still need to purchase the individual items with X-Coins (X-Coins can be earned by leveling up and beating challenges). There is no level requirement.

The Easter item set consists of these items:

  • Easter bunny shoes (500 X-Coins)
  • Easter bunny ears (3500 X-Coins)
  • Easter bunny gloves (1000 X-Coins)
  • Easter bunny unisuit (2500 X-Coins)
  • Carrot Boat (5000 X-Coins)
  • Basket Boat (3500 X-Coins)

The Easter item set consists of 6 types of gear for your avatar.

The Easter Challenge's rewards will be included in the April update and are only unlockable in April. Due to the phased release of the update, you might complete the challenge before the items are added to your app. In this case, the items will unlock instantly.

British Rowing and RowAlong unlockable gear

When completing events of our partners British Rowing and RowAlong, you now unlock merch for your avatar! The items listed below will be available to you instantly (no X-Coin or level requirement).

  • British Rowing Unisuit: Complete 2 British Rowing Events in EXR
  • RowAlong Oars: Complete 1 RowAlong Event in EXR
  • RowAlong Unisuit: Complete 3 RowAlong Events in EXR

Unlock British Rowing and RowAlong items by participating in online rowing events.

The gear unlocks retroactively, so if you've already met the requirements, the gear will unlock immediately.

Imperial measurements

You can now switch between metric and imperial units in the gameplay settings of the app. As a result, measurements such as lengths are now displayed in miles, for example. Rowing-specific measurements like split time will be kept in metric units even when imperial measurements are selected.

Import & export of custom EXR workouts

Create a workout in the Training Editor and download it using thecustom workouts tab of your EXR webprofile. You can then send the file to an EXR rower who would like to follow your custom workout.

All the recipient of the file needs to do is import it via their custom workouts tab, restart the EXR app and the custom workout will be listed in the “My Workouts” section.

Note that all EXR workouts including imported custom workouts automatically adjust to your individual FTP score.

14 new achievements

From beginner to experienced EXR rower, the 14 new achievements will make you look forward to your next training session!

Here’s a list of all new achievements and their difficulty level:

  • SAY MY NAME (bronze): Update your EXR profile
  • RENAISSANCE ROWER (gold): Complete a minigame and sessions in Just Row, Training & Competition Mode
  • YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME (bronze): Follow another rower
  • READY TO TRAIN (silver): Complete an FTP test
  • BIG PLANS - (bronze): Complete your first workout of a Training Plan
  • DETERMINATOR (platinum): Complete a Training Plan
  • PART OF THE COMMUNITY - (bronze): Participate in an event (min. 500m rowed)
  • SOCIAL BUTTERFLY (silver): Finish 10 events
  • EVENT ENTHUSIAST (gold): Finish 25 events
  • PARTY ANIMAL (platinum): Finish 50 events
  • I FEEL A CONNECTION - (bronze): Connect a third-party application
  • MY FINAL ACHIEVEMENT (platinum): Row 1000 days on EXR
  • STAMINA STRIDER (gold): Row half a marathon (21.1 km)
  • LAPPED - (bronze): Complete a lap on any route
  • Improved

    • Improved various UI modals.
    • Improved the stability of the app and its performance on low-end devices.
    • Improved rower animations.
    • Rowers will now be spread out more at the start of events.


    • Fixed bug that caused the "lost connection..." message to appear several times.


    Make Easter fun with the April challenges

    Let’s celebrate the Easter month by conquering the Easter challenge! Master it to earn your exclusive Easter badge and unlock the Easter item set including the Carrot boat, the Basket boat together with the bunny-themed gloves, shoes, unisuit and headwear.

    Beat the Easter challenge to unlock gear and a unique Easter badge.

    The Easter Challenge's rewards will be included in the April update and are only unlockable in April. Due to the phased release of the update, you may beat the challenge before the update adds the items to your app. In this case, the items will unlock instantly.


    Up for more? Beat the 3 regular monthly challenges!

    Every month 3 challenges help you spend more time on the erg by rewarding you with badges and X-Coins.

    Beat the monthly challenges to unlock unique badges and earn X-Coins. Row a total of 60 km to unlock 200 X-Coins and complete the easy Distance Challenge. Make it 120 km to earn 400 X-Coins and beat the hard Distance Challenge. For all racers: the Competition Challenge rewards you with 300 X-Coins if you complete 14 races.

    Under construction

    A new part of Lake EXR is under construction. Wondering what it’s all about? Stay tuned via our social media!

    Lake EXR shows signs of a construction site.

    Pass by the construction site on Lake EXR.


    How are you finding the April update? Send us your feedback by using our contact form.


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