April update: 1.7 EXR patch notes

Ami Kucharek

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EXR on Apple TV

After a rather turbulent month due to illness, the EXR team is finally back together and ready to present you with the April update.

In a nutshell…

Enjoy rowing on a big screen with EXR for Apple TV! A new speed calculation setting called EXR Split makes your statistics more accurate and improves the gameplay. EXR got more captivating with extra vehicles and animals that roam around. On top of that, ducks now react more like their real counterparts and avoid swimming into your boat.


EXR Split

  • It’s a new speed calculation setting that uses the watt registered by your rower and additional variables like your body weight to calculate your split and other values
  • The main advantages of EXR Split are more precise performance data and better gameplay
  • In the future, EXR Split will be used to for fair races between users with different rowers
  • Choose between EXR Split and your rower’s data in the advanced gameplay options
  • When selecting the rower data, EXR only uses your rower’s statistics for its performance data and gameplay
  • Except for Concept2, all rowers automatically use EXR Split
  • Learn more about EXR Split on the support page

Apple TV

  • EXR is now available for Apple TV
  • Issues that are going to get resolved as soon as there’s a fix:
    • Bug that prevents connections with RP3 rowers
    • Bug that causes time input fields to malfunction
    • Bug that impairs the performance when connecting to a 4k display or higher
    • Bug that causes the skincolor field to not display correctly
  • Download EXR via the App store on Apple TV

Onboarding tutorial

  • Added an onboarding tutorial
  • When opening EXR for the first time, a tutorial helps you enter your fitness level or FTP score and add your weight

More moving objects and animals

  • Besides ferries and helicopters, fish and dragonflies have been added for a more lively scenery
  • Various speed boats were replaced by ferries for more variation


Avatars’ facial features

  • Improved the avatars’ facial features to be more consistent with each other

Building textures

  • Started improving the textures of buildings in Boston and Bled
  • Various textures and colors have been adjusted
  • Future updates will include more texture improvements

Distant trees on Bled

  • Improved the trees' crowns to make them look fuller from afar

Bluetooth connectivity

  • Improved the stability of Bluetooth connections

Subscription flow

  • Reduced the number of clicks it takes to buy a subscription during/after the free trial

Toggle designs

  • Updated the toggle designs in the Options

Windows patcher

  • Enhanced the quality of the background image and made some small UX improvements



  • Fixed the ducks’ reactions to boats as they now try avoid collisions

Buoy Blast

  • Fixed a bug that caused you to get stuck whenever your rower disconnected during a session on an FTMS rower
  • Fixed a bug that made the menu button disappear when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed the color of Buoy Blast buoys so they are no longer pink


  • Fixed a bug on Android that caused a discoloration of the water

Windows patcher

  • Fixed a bug that let the progress bar start at 50% completion
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the repair button

Continue rowing

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