EXR Split

EXR Split is a speed calculation setting that uses your rower’s power output (watt) and variables like your body weight to calculate statistics such as your split (the time it takes to row 500m). Using EXR Split leads to more precise performance statistics and better gameplay.

What is EXR Split?

EXR Split is an in-app speed calculation setting that takes your rower’s power output (watt) and extra variables like your exact body weight into account. With these variables, EXR calculates its own speed like your split time. An alternative is only using your rower’s calculations. EXR Split is available to everyone who rows with EXR.

More accurate performance statistics

Compared to rowing machines, EXR Split uses more variables. For example, your exact body weight is taken into account when calculating your performance statistics. Other variables used include…

  • Boat weight (currently: single scull)
  • Power output (watt)
  • Strokes per minute

Improved gameplay

Because EXR Split also calculates data that are important for the visuals, the avatar positioning is more precise and visual bugs like a displaced avatar are less likely to occur. Additionally, using EXR Split results in fairer leaderboards since your speed is now calculated with your weight in mind.

Where can I add or change my body weight?

Enter your body weight in your EXR web profile.

Enter your weight

How do I switch between EXR Split and my rower’s calculations?

To change your speed calculation setting, open the EXR app and select options. Then go to gameplay. Scroll down to the advanced options where you find speed calculation.

EXR split setting

We recommend using EXR Split for the best training experience.