Does EXR run on my hardware?

Modern and powerful hardware is needed to run EXR smoothly. Find your operating system in the list below to read more about the requirements:

Android: In general, at least 3GB of free RAM and a strong chipset is required to use the app.

iOS: iPads not older than 2020 and chipsets that have the same or even better specifications than the Apple A12 are recommended.

Mac: To run EXR on Mac, High Sierra 10.13+ with Metal capable Intel and AMD GPUs are needed. Check Apple's support page to find out whether your device supports metal.

Windows: EXR supports Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10, and Windows 11. Also, at least 4GB of free RAM is required to use EXR. To run EXR on high-quality settings, at least 8GB RAM is recommended.

Thinking about getting a tablet for your EXRcise?

Examples of recommended tablets that run EXR smoothly and deliver a high-quality training experience are the Samsung S7 tablet and Apple iPads (2020+).

As a low-end device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 lite tablet runs EXR, yet does not deliver an excellent training experience as it only runs on low settings.

This list of specifications is constantly refined to ensure a high-quality training experience, hence modifications are possible. Perhaps you experience performance issues when running EXR on hardware with inferior specifications. Learn how to improve the performance on the troubleshooting page.