Limitations for Apple subscriptions

There are some constraints when using a subscription that was acquired via Apple’s App Store or iTunes as an in-app purchase. For example, you can’t redeem vouchers and can’t unsubscribe via the EXR website. Moreover, we don’t have any influence on Apple’s subscription system including renewal, payments and refund decisions.

To avoid such issues, cancel your Apple subscription and subscribe via the EXR website instead.

Refrain from canceling your Apple subscription just to redeem your code and then switch back to an Apple subscription.

Switching from Apple subscriptions

  1. Follow the guidelines to cancel your subscription on Mac via the App Store or use your iPhone’s or iPad’s Settings app.
  2. Open your browser and log into your EXR profile to purchase a new subscription or redeem your row time voucher.

The time you have left in your old subscription will automatically be added to your new subscription.