Redeem row time

Row with EXR for free by redeeming your row time voucher. Vouchers are issued by EXR. More distributors to follow soon. Once we have news on this, we’ll let you know!

In Belgium, vouchers are already available at Decathlon Belgium.

How do I redeem row time?

If you’re new to EXR, create an EXR account first. Experienced players simply log in. Go to your web profile and select “redeem a code” in the column on the left. Enter your code and click on the redeem button. If your code has been redeemed successfully, you’ll find information on it in your profile’s subscription overview.

Redeem your code

Do I need a subscription to use my voucher?

No, you only need an EXR account to redeem your row time. If you don’t have a subscription, the row time simply gives you free access to EXR. If you are subscribed to EXR, the row time is added to your subscription which means that your payment date is pushed back.

My code doesn’t work. What should I do?

Check your code for spelling mistakes and try again. Still not working? Get in touch with our support team to find a solution.

Codes can’t be redeemed if you’re using a subscription that was bought via iTunes or other Apple services. Follow the instructions to learn how to cancel your Apple subscription and redeem your voucher.