Compete against your previous times and other rowers on leaderboards. Check out the compact version of the leaderboards in the app or use your EXR web profile in the browser for a more detailed view.


Compact app leaderboard:

  • Shows 50 entries around your rank on the leaderboard
  • Select between the Top Entry and My Position tab to compare your standing
  • Use the filter in the top-right corner to organize the leaderboard by time (all time, this year) or follower status (followers only)
  • Indicates how often you’ve already done a sprint


Web leaderboard with extra functions:

  • Shows all entries of the leaderboard
  • Indicates how many segments of a map you’ve completed
  • Click on listed profiles to compare stats

The yearly filter resets every year on 31 December at midnight (UTC) and hides all previous rankings.

Both supported and unsupported rowing machines now rank on leaderboards. A filter to sort by support status will be added in an upcoming update. All rankings are checked to prevent unrealistic entries.