Goals, challenges and badges

Only supported rowing machines can participate in challenges that are linked to leaderboards.

What are goals?

The best way to improve your performance is by setting fitness goals. Thanks to goals, you can push your boundaries easier while having full control over your progress. Set up 2 custom goals to crush and savor your success.

What are challenges?

EXR invites you to participate in daily, weekly and monthly challenges. When completing a daily or weekly challenge, you get rewarded with X-Coins. If you beat a monthly challenge, you also earn a badge for your EXR profile.

Check your badges

There can be one or more monthly challenges per month. They are only available during the respective month. For example, you can only participate in the May 2022 challenge in May 2022 to earn its rewards. Each challenge can only be completed once.

How to set goals & check on challenges

Open the app and go to your profile. Select challenges to see all live challenges you automatically participate in or select goals to set weekly and monthly goals.

You have the choice between 3 goal categories: rowing a distinct distance, working out for a specific amount of time, or burning a certain number of calories. Just click on your preferred timing and set or edit your goal.

Hand touching screen

The remaining time to beat a challenge or complete a goal is based on the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For example, a daily challenge stops at 00:00 UTC and weekly goals end on Sundays at midnight.

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