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What is EXR? Is EXR for me?

EXR makes indoor rowing fun for beginners, seasoned rowers, and champions alike.

Does EXR run on my hardware?

Find out whether EXR runs smoothly on your device and rower.

Is my rowing machine compatible?

Check out which rowing machines establish a connection to EXR.

Cast EXR to a bigger screen

Learn how to play EXR on bigger screens...

EXR on Apple TV

Learn how to play EXR on Apple TV…

Use heart rate monitors (HRM)

Learn how to use EXR with heart rate monitors...

What to do first

Find your way in EXR...

Goals, challenges and badges

Learn how to set goals, participate in challenges and earn badges…

Level and experience points (XP)

Learn about EXR's leveling system...

FTP test

One of the first actions when starting to train with EXR is taking the FTP test...

Just Row Mode

Learn more about EXR's Just Row mode

Training Mode

Learn more about EXR's Training mode

Training Editor

Create your own training schedules with EXR's Training Editor

Multiplayer mode

Learn how to row with other rowers and your friends…

Competition Mode

Learn more about EXR's Competition mode


EXR has various minigames to break up your routine. Learn more about them here.

Ghost boats, real rowers and bots

Get to know the different kinds of boats on the water…

Customize your rower

Customize your virtual rower to your liking.


Compete against rowers from all over the world on EXR's leaderboards.

EXR Split

EXR Split is a speed calculation setting that uses your rower’s power output  and other variables calculate statistics such as your split.