Pricing and subscription FAQ

Find answers to your questions about EXR’s pricing, billing plans and subscriptions in this FAQ. You can also find more information on the support page on how to manage subscriptions.

Subscription access

Can I use my subscription on all my devices?

Yes, because EXR works cross-platform. This means that your account and performance data are synced on all your devices. Just make sure that you use EXR on only one device at a time.

Can I download my past sessions’ data while my subscription is stopped?

Yes, your data remains accessible for you. Just log into your EXR web profile and download your.FIT-files via the past sessions tab.

Do you offer special deals for bulk subscriptions for rowing clubs or gyms?

Please send an email to to discuss B2B offers.

Managing subscriptions

How do I renew my subscription?

EXR subscriptions renew automatically. Using your preferred payment method, you are charged for your subscription at your chosen rate (monthly, every 6 months or yearly). To prevent the automatic renewal, stop your subscription before the start of the next billing cycle. Check and manage your subscription via your EXR web profile.

Can I stop my EXR subscription at any time myself?

Yes, you can always stop your EXR subscription via your EXR web profile’s subscription tab. Click on manage subscription to access Stripe, our payment platform and select cancel plan to prevent your subscription from renewing.

If you want to continue rowing with EXR again, simply choose your preferred billing plan and subscribe.

Where can I download my invoices?

Download your invoices anytime via your EXR web profile’s subscription tab. Click on manage subscription to access Stripe, our payment platform and select invoice history to view a list of your invoices and download them as pdf.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, you can change your billing plan anytime. Open your EXR web profile’s subscription tab and click on manage subscription to access Stripe, our payment platform. Next, select update plan to change your billing plan. Keep in mind that the change will come into effect at the start of the next billing cycle of your current subscription.

How do I change my EXR subscription through Apple’s services?

When you buy a subscription through Apple's App Store or iTunes, there are a few limitations you should know about. For instance, you can't cancel your subscription directly from the EXR website. Learn how to switch to a different subscription plan on Apple’s website.

How can I update my payment information?

Update your payment information in just a few clicks by opening your EXR web profile’s subscription tab and clicking on manage subscription. This will take you to Stripe, our payment platform where you select payment method to update your payment details.

Family plan

Is there a limit to the number of members joining a family plan?

Yes, the person who purchases the family plan can add up to 2 other family member accounts to it. This means that in total 3 people are able to row with EXR when using the family plan. For example, you, your partner and your child can enjoy virtual indoor rowing together.

How do I upgrade my subscription with the family plan?

Go to your EXR web profile’s subscription tab and click on the "manage subscription" button. Select "change plan" and choose the family plan option. At the checkout, the price for the family plan will be calculated against the your subscription payment and remaining subscription time. Note that family plans are not available if you subscribed via Apple. Learn how to switch from an Apple subscription to get a family plan on Apple’s website.

Can I row with my family members when using the family plan?

Yes, you can row against your family with the family plan. You just need several rowing machines to row simultaneously. Follow them on EXR to easily join them on the virtual waters.

How much does a family plan cost?

The price of a family plan depends on what kind of subscription you want/have and your currency. Find out how much a family plan costs for you by creating a free EXR account and visiting your EXR web profile’s subscription tab. Next, click on "manage subscription". Select "change plan" and check out the total pricing of your subscription with the family plan add-on.

What are the requirements for a family plan?

To be eligible for a family plan, you and the people you want to use this offer with need to live in the same household. For example, also you and your 2 roommmates who you share a flat with suit the family plan’s requirements.


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