Fixing Bluetooth issues

You might experience pairing issues. Follow these steps to establish a stable Bluetooth connection:

  1. Open EXR. Then, activate your rowing machine and heart rate monitor. Make sure your gear is not connected to other devices. Next, connect everything via EXR’s connection screen (read more about your rowing machine’s connectivity on its support page)
  2. Place the device that runs EXR close to your rowing machine to stabilize the Bluetooth connection.
  3. Turn off other Bluetooth devices as their signals might interfere. For example, turn off your Bluetooth speakers.

In most cases, EXR reconnects automatically. Only use EXR’s connection screen in the menu to reconnect manually.
Do not connect directly via your device’s Bluetooth settings.

No success?

If the steps above don’t resolve the issues, try this:

  • On your device, turn the Bluetooth off and back on. Try to establish a connection again via EXR’s connection screen.
  • Check whether you can connect your rowing machine to another device and try using another app. In case you also experience problems then, we recommend getting in touch with your machine’s manufacturer to find a solution.

Still experiencing problems?

Contact us by selecting Send feedback in the app or using the contact form. When describing the issue, please include answers to these 2 questions:

  • Is this the first time this issue occurs?
  • Which rowing machine and device are you using?

The EXR support team is going to get back to you as soon as possible!