Cast EXR to a bigger screen

Cast EXR to a big screen for a more immersive experience.

Casting your screen may cause a slight stroke delay.

Stream from your Android smartphone

EXR can be cast from your smartphone to your smart TV if both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Use your phone’s built-in cast option which can usually be found by sliding down your notifications’ menu or by selecting Settings > Connected devices > Cast.

Stream from your iPhone or iPad

In general, casting can only be done from outside the app. Depending on your Smart TV, you need to follow different instructions when casting from an iOS device. For example, many devices work with AirPlay.


Casting EXR via Chromecast works the same as with other apps. Please make sure that your device and Chromecast are in the same WiFi network and that you are the administrator of your Google Home to cast EXR to your TV.

Apple TV

Download EXR for Apple TV via the App Store. Alternatively, use AirPlay to stream EXR to Apple TV.

Person rowing with EXR