Connect third-party apps

Connected EXR to and synchronize it with various third-party apps. Currently, EXR supports data synchronization with Strava and Concept2 Logbook.

It is crucial that you connect to and log into a third-party application before your rowing session, as data will not be transferred when connected afterwards. In the future, EXR will feature access to past sessions. For more information, stay tuned via the newsletter or EXR’s social media!


How to link a third-party app

  1. Go to your EXR account and click on Connections. Here you have an overview on all apps with which a connection is possible or already established.
  2. To link a new application, click on the respective Connect button and log into your account of the platform you are trying to connect to.

  1. When linked successfully, a green checkmark appears.
  2. Every time you save a session on EXR, it will automatically be uploaded to your linked account(s).

Disconnecting a third-party application for a single session only is done by unchecking the respective box in the app.

To permanently disconnect a third-party app, open EXR in your browser and select Connections. Next, choose the respective app and click on the disconnect button.