Ghost boats, real rowers and bots

When rowing on EXR’s virtual waters, you are accompanied by other boats. Some of them are ghost boats, some of them are real rowers while others are bots. Here’s how to spot the difference.

Ghost boats

Ghost boats are white boats that appear when rowing through a sprint segment’s first arch. They row steadily at your personal record’s average speed for this specific segment. The ghost boat only appears if you already did this sprint before and row on a supported rowing machine.

Chase and overtake your records with ghost boats

More ghost boat functions will be added at a later point.

Real rowers

Spot real rowers who train on the same map as you. They look just like your avatar and are  indicated by their follow status, name and country.

Follow another rower to join them in their workout.

On the mini map, a green dot next to their name indicates that you follow them. A blue dot means that you don't follow them.

In Just Row, a list of nearby rowers shows you max. 6 other real rowers who are close to you. In Training mode, max. 4 other real rowers are listed. The white line represents your position with everyone underneath being behind you and everyone above being in front of you. The list is deactivated by default. Turn the list on or off for each mode in the interface settings.


Bots are blue computer-driven boats. They row at random speeds and keep you company.

The more real rowers, the fewer bots appear