How to send an error report

When experiencing and reporting problems regarding EXR, it is useful for the support team to receive as much information as possible. The easiest way to send an error report is by using the in-game Feedback form which automatically attaches the most important information.

Most problem-related data is sent automatically, yet forwarding additional information helps speed-up the troubleshooting process. For Windows devices, there are two ways to retrieve log files that register errors.

  • Automatically: Use the in-game Feedback form.
  • Manually: Open Windows’ file explorer. There, you copy and paste the following command into the top bar:
%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Salty Lemon Entertainment\EXR

Now, press enter. This should lead you to the folder where two .log files are listed.

Select the log files and include them as an attachment when you mail the support team at Please describe the problem as detailed as possible and don’t forget to mention which device you use.