Inaccurate statistics

Why does EXR show different statistics than my rowing machine?

This difference is due to EXR Split. EXR Split is a speed calculation setting that uses your rowing machine’s watt and extra information like your body weight to compute all statistics. That’s why using EXR Split leads to more accurate data.

All rowing machines (except from Concept2 models) use EXR Split by default. You can change the speed calculation setting to “rower data” for EXR to only use the statistics that your rower displays. However, we recommend using EXR Split because it leads to more detailed performance statistics, prevents visual bugs and improves your overall workout experience.

Learn more about EXR Split

EXR shows different statistics than my third-party application (e.g. Strava). What should I do?

Often inaccuracies (and double entries) are caused by syncing your sessions with a “chain” of applications. For example, if EXR sends data to your C2 logbook which sends data to Strava. To solve this, sync EXR to each third-party app individually and avoid chains.