Family Plan

Upgrade your EXR subscription with the Family Plan

EXR’s Family Plan grants 2 extra family members full access to all features at a discounted rate. Visit your EXR web profile to upgrade your EXR subscription with the Family Plan anytime.

EXR subscription plan options

The Family Plan is only available when subscribing via your EXR web profile. If you’re subscribed using Apple, visit your Apple account to cancel and refund your subscription and resubscribe using your EXR web profile.

How to add members to your Family Plan

Visit your EXR web profile to purchase a Family Plan and grant new members access to EXR. Just scroll down and click on the respective button. Please note that your family members need an EXR account (using the free trial) to invite them to join your Family Plan.

Add members

Add family members to your EXR subscription

EXR Family Plan FAQ

How do I get the Family Plan?

If you already have an EXR subscription and want to upgrade to a Family Plan, visit your EXR web profile, go to the subscription tab and click on "manage subscription". Choose "change plan" and select the family option. Its price will be adjusted based on your current subscription and remaining time. Your subscription and the family plan always have the same duration/renewal date.

If you haven't subscribed yet, go to your EXR profile and head to the purchase screen. Choose your subscription and add the Family Plan option.

Can I row with my family on the Family Plan?

Yes, you can row with your family on the Family Plan. To row together, use multiple rowing machines simultaneously. Follow members on EXR to easily join them on the virtual waters.

How much does a Family Plan cost?

The pricing varies based on your subscription type (monthly, 6-month or yearly) and currency. To check the exact pricing, visit your EXR profile and proceed to the purchase or subscription management screen. Select the Family Plan to view the total price of your subscription with a Family Plan.

What are the requirements for a Family Plan?

All members must reside in the same household. For instance, you and your 2 roommates sharing an apartment qualify for the Family Plan.