Mix up your training by playing minigames. Don't expect relaxing sessions as Buoy Blast and Shark Attack will challenge you to give it your all!

Before playing a minigame, do a quick Just Row session to warm up!

Bouy Blast

Row fast to power the slingshot and shoot the buoy as far as possible! Use the 10-second warm-up period to find your rhythm and then sprint as hard as you can until the time hits 0.

Shark Attack

Wait – Did you also just see the shark fin on the water? Escape the shark by rowing as fast as possible and break high scores! This endurance minigame challenges you to row on even if your muscles are burning and you feel like quitting. The shark will close in faster when training in hard mode.

A session of Shark Attack is finished and counted when the shark has caught up to you (0 meters distance).