Online events

Join online events for fun indoor rowing workouts and unique rewards

Currently, the list of events only includes group rowing events. In a future version, many different event types will be added to the list.

Where to find and sign up for EXR events

Visit the EXR event webpage to find all upcoming online events. In the app, go to your profile and select events for a short version. More events will be added over time.

Select an event to get more information and click on participate to receive in-app reminders about the event’s start and be able to join. Note that without having clicked on participate, you won’t be able to see the start and end arch and won’t unlock rewards even if you go online on the correct route at the scheduled time.

Besides official events listed on the website, you can find casual events organized by EXR rowers in the EXR Communities on Facebook and Discord.

EXR online events step-by-step guide

  1. Visit the event webpage or check out the list of upcoming online rowing events in the EXR app. Click on “participate” to sign up for events.
  2. At least a few minutes before the event, open EXR. A pop-up tells you that the event you signed up for is starting soon and whether you’re ready to join. Decline the invitation to join at a later point.
  3. After joining, you’ll appear on the event’s route with fellow rowers. A countdown indicates how much time you have left until the start of the event.
  4. Once the countdown hits 0, start to row. Row at your own pace. During the event, a progress bar indicates how many meters or minutes you still have left.
  5. The event ends when the target time/distance is reached. You're eligible for rewards based on your full participation in the event. Find a list of the rewards in each event’s description.

EXR rowing event is about to start

Did you decline the first pop-up? A notification on the left of your screen will give you a last chance to join the event. You’re able to join events up to 10 minutes after they start.

For every completed event, you earn 15 X-Coins. Some event also unlock additional rewards. You’ll find more information on these rewards in the event description. The rewards will unlock at the end when the time is over or you covered the whole distance.