May update: 1.8 EXR patch notes

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EXR introduces badges

Blisters on your hands, stiff muscles and soreness for days… your last training was demanding but you made it! Because you can be proud of your successes and wear them as a badge of honor, we got a little something for you in the May update.

In short…

Beat the monthly challenges and show off your badges! The category verified workouts has been added to the training mode and includes workouts that can be used for rankings in the Concept2 logbook. EXR’s performance on Apple TV 4k has been improved and its time input fields have been fixed. Also the pause blocks of custom workouts work again.

May challenge: Row a total of 8 hours (all modes combined) to earn 300 X-Coins and your first badge.


Monthly challenges

  • Added a monthly challenge to the already existing daily and weekly challenges
  • There can be several monthly challenges per month
  • Earn X-Coins and badges as rewards for beating monthly challenges


  • Added badges as rewards for completing monthly challenges
  • Check your own and others’ badges via your profile on the EXR website
  • More ways to view your badges will be added later
  • Learn more about badges on the support page

Verified workouts for Concept2 logbook rankings

  • Added the category verified workouts to the training mode
  • Distances of the workouts in this category match the ranked distances of the Concept2 logbook
  • After completing a verified workout, it can be uploaded to the Concept2 logbook and used for rankings
  • Verification of workouts with other distances might be added later
  • Learn more about verified workouts on the support page


Apple TV

  • Improved performance when connected to Apple TV 4k
  • Hyperlinks show which website to visit for more information

Small improvements

  • Small improvements to prepare for upcoming features


Deletion of past sessions via website

  • Fixed the option to delete your past sessions via the EXR website

Berry bushes

  • Fixed a bug that made berry bushes appear black on some devices

Skin color

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the skin colors in the customization mode to display correctly on Apple devices

Profile image

  • Fixed a bug that caused a pixelated frame around your profile photo

Apple TV’s time input fields

  • Fixed a bug that restricted the functionality of the time input fields
  • A rework of the input fields will be included in the interface redesign later this year

Rower speed calculation setting

  • Fixed a bug that prevented FTMS rowers from using their speed/split when rower data was selected

Pause blocks

  • Fixed a bug that prevented pause blocks from triggering in training mode which sometimes caused the app to freeze

General fixes

  • Fixed minor bugs to enhance your training experience

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