Connect my Virtufit rower

EXR is supported on the VirtuFit Ultimate Pro 2i, the VirtuFit Elite Water Resistance, the VirtuFit Water Resistance Row 1000 and VirtuFit Elite Air Magnetic. All rowers connect to EXR via Bluetooth.

How to connect your VirtuFit rower to EXR:

  1. Enable Bluetooth pairing by pressing the Bluetooth button of your rowing machine’s console or pulling the handle. Make sure the Bluetooth icon appears on your monitor.
  2. Open EXR's connection screen and click on Connect rower." Select your rower from the list and wait until a connection has been established.
  3. Select Finish setup to start your workout.

VirtuFit rowing machines (except for the Ultimate Pro 2i) use stroke-rate-based power calculations. This means that the higher your stroke rate, the more watts you produce. We implemented measures to prevent unrealistic times on leaderboards caused by this. Please note that VirtuFit rowing machines have limitations in Training Mode because EXR uses power output and stroke rate as independent variables.

Troubleshooting VirtuFit connections

You avatar doesn’t move with your Elite Air Magnetic?

When inactive for more than 5 minutes, your rower goes into stand-by mode. Reactive it to continue rowing by clicking on the monitor’s Play button. Alternatively, disconnect your rower from its power source.

Can’t connect your Ultimate Pro 2i?

  1. On your rower console, push the Down and Up buttons for 3 seconds.
  2. Release when you hear a beeping sound.
  3. Click on EXR's Connect Rower button to connect.

Use the VirtuFit monitor to reset your Bluetooth connection to reconnect wtih EXR

Push the Down and Up buttons to reset your Bluetooth connection.


Still having problems connecting? Contact us directly via the contact form and do not forget to mention which device and rower model you are using.