Connect my Bodycraft rower

EXR is currently supported on the BODYCRAFT VR500 Pro which connects via Bluetooth.

How to connect via Bluetooth:

  1. Click on the Bluetooth button of the VR500 Pro to make it blink and activate its Bluetooth.
  2. Open EXR's connection screen and click on Connect rower. Select your rower from the list of available machines and wait until you're connected.
  3. Select Finish setup to start your workout.

After being inactive or clicking on your rower’s stop button, a message with “program ends” appears on your rower’s screen. This leads to the rowing machine disconnecting from EXR although its Bluetooth is still shown as active. To reconnect to EXR, simply restart your rower.

A Word on Watt/split Output and Leaderboards

Bodycraft measures your output with its internal pulley drive system. It’s a direct measurement to calculate your wattage in the pull phase. This means that the higher your stroke rate is, the more watts you produce. The VR500 rowing machine may display a lower power output compared to other rowing machines which are calculating in a different manner, including an interpolated figure for the return stroke. This may result in a different (lower) rank on EXR’s leaderboard as compared to rowers with other rowing machines.

Please keep this in mind when you use the training mode as EXR uses power output and stroke rate as independent variables.

EXR can’t find your Bodycraft rowing machine?

Reset your rowing machine’s Bluetooth by clicking its Bluetooth button again to turn it off and on. Try to establish a connection again then.

Still got problems connecting? Get in touch with EXR’s support team via the contact form and don’t forget to mention which device and rower you are using.