Connect my Concept 2 rower

EXR is supported on all Concept2 rowing machines:

  • PM5 which is connected via Bluetooth. A cable connection can only be established on Windows devices.
  • PM4 and PM3 which are connected via a cable. In this case, EXR is only supported on Windows devices.


How to connect via Bluetooth:

  1. Open EXR’s Device Connection screen.
  2. On your PM: Enable Bluetooth pairing on your PM5 by opening the connect menu, pressing Menu and then selecting Connect. In this step, it is important that nothing else is connected to the PM5. To remove all current connections and reboot your rowing machine, keep the Menu button pushed in.
  3. Now back to EXR: Click on the Search button, select your machine from the list and press Connect. The light will turn green if the connection is established successfully.

How to connect using a cable:

Please note: A cable connection is only supported for Windows.

  • Open EXR’s Paired Devices menu to let it connect to your PM automatically.

In case this does not work, follow these steps:

  • While in EXR’s Paired Devices menu, unplug the USB cable and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in.
  • If still no connection is made, we recommend starting the app Concept2 Utility on your device. When the program is loaded, check if your rowing machine is listed under Connected Devices in the top right corner of the Concept2 Utility app.
  • If your rowing machine is not listed in the Concept2 Utility app, plug and unplug the USB cable.
  • Once the rowing machine is listed as connected, close the Concept2 Utility app. Then, open EXR again and the established connection should be indicated in green.

Still having problems connecting? Contact us directly via the contact form and do not forget to mention which device and rowing machine you are using.