Connect my FluidRower

EXR connects with First Degree Fitness’ FluidRowers via Bluetooth.

How to connect:

  1. When running EXR on a mobile device, turn on its location and Bluetooth.
  2. Open EXR and select device connection.
  3. Pull your FluidRower’s handle to activate it.
  4. Connect your FluidRower via the EXR connection screen.

Done! Now you’re ready to start your training!

Problems connecting to EXR?

Make sure that your FluidRower is using the latest firmware. To update it, download the Fluid Connect app for iOS or read the FAQ for Android.


Supported FluidRower models include the following:

  • Trident PRO V
  • Apollo V
  • Apollo PRO V
  • Viking 2 V
  • Viking 3 V
  • Viking PRO V
  • Apollo PRO XL
  • Viking RO XL
  • E350
  • VX-2
  • E550
  • VX-3

Read the Bluetooth Console Guide PDF for more information.