Connect my WaterRower

Use your S4 performance monitor and your Bluetooth ComModule or your SmartRow kit and app to connect EXR to your WaterRower. EXR cannot connect to WaterRowers via a USB cable.

Unstable connection? Make sure to turn off any unnecessary Bluetooth signals such as speakers or Smart Watches since they may disrupt the Bluetooth connection.

How to broadcast from SmartRow to EXR:

You need 2 devices to broadcast from SmartRow to EXR. The first device runs SmartRow and the second device runs EXR. Enable Bluetooth on both devices (and your location if you use EXR on a mobile device) to establish a connection.

  1. Open your SmartRow app and connect to the SmartRow PowerMeter by pressing the broadcast button on the left of the blue circle.
  2. In the list, click on EXR and select Apply.
  3. Open EXR on a second device and set up your gear via the connect screen. After establishing a connection with SmartRow, the kit shines blue.
  4. In the SmartRow app, select the Just Row mode to continue or choose your preferred distance. In this case, make sure to select the same time and distance in both apps. Press the start button.
  5. Start your training on EXR.

Primarily, SmartRow is responsible for the EXR integration. Please visit the SmartRow FAQ for information on connectivity, broadcasting, hardware and software.

How to connect via Bluetooth:

  1. Enable Bluetooth pairing on your WaterRower by first pressing the top LED Indicator Button once to start your ComModule. In the beginning, the LED will quickly flash in blue. Once it slows down, the ComModule is ready to pair.
  2. Open EXR and connect via the connection screen. Select your rower from the list of available machines and wait until you're connected.

Waterrower connect

These tips help prevent connectivity problems:

  • Make sure that no other device is connected to your ComModule.
  • Reset your rowing machine by pushing the LED Indicator button for 4 seconds before connecting it to EXR.

Experiencing problems? Contact us directly via the contact form and do not forget to mention which device and rowing machine you are using.