Connect my Waterrower

Currently, EXR is supported on WaterRowers which are equipped with an S4 Performance Monitor and a Bluetooth ComModule. If your specific model is not mentioned, it means that EXR was not yet tested on this rowing machine and that it might not be supported. The list of compatible rowing machines will be extended, so please stay tuned via the newsletter or EXR’s social media for updates!


How to connect via Bluetooth:

  1. Open EXR’s Device Connection screen.
  2. Enable Bluetooth pairing on your WaterRower through first pressing the top LED Indicator Button once to start your ComModule. At the beginning the LED will quickly flash in blue. Once it slows down, the ComModule is ready to pair.
  3. Click on EXR’s Search button. When the search is finished, select your device from the list and press Connect. When the connection is established successfully, the icon will turn green.

These tips help prevent connectivity problems:

  • Make sure that no other device is connected to your ComModule.
  • Reset your rowing machine by pushing the LED Indicator button for 4 seconds before connecting it to EXR.

Experiencing problems? Contact us directly via the contact form and do not forget to mention which device and rowing machine you are using.